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Segun Akiode is our global coordinator. He has over 10 years of experience in the development of commercial, industrial and residential building construction. Segun has a passion for encouraging self-builds and empowering builders to undertake such tasks to building control standards, regulations, precision and levels in the United Kingdom, Africa and other parts of the World. He does this by using his extensive knowledge and expertise in engineering surveying and building setting out- especially in the area of foundation groundworks, drainage, utility services, walls and brickwork, installations, etc.

He is also a seasoned resident engineering project manager and has worked as an Engineer with the Federal Ministries of Aviation and Transport (Nigeria) where he co-managed and supervised the different stages of various projects such as tender, procurement, project award, construction of new airport terminals, remodelling of existing terminals across the 22 International and National Airports in Nigeria.

As an astute commercial, industrial and residential building setting out engineer, surveyor, supervisor, site manager and project manager, he has worked in the UK as a Subcontractor for companies such as Chartway Construction Group, Coinford Ltd, 4D Structures, Anderson Construction Group, LF Solutions, New World Builders as well as supported numerous self-build projects under the auspices of this Company.

In the social and impact sector, he possesses seventeen (17) years of experience in managing charity organisation such as Akiode Foundation, Education Help Initiative, Global etc., including pioneering and leading other social organisations, associations and religious bodies throughout his University education and beyond.

Segun Akiode
Global Coordinator

Volunteers and Contributors:

Several people are contributing to the services in one way or the other and the list is endless.

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